Get to know Colorado Springs – Serrano's

Colorado Springs, Relocation, Local BusinessAre you as much of a “Coffee Addict” as I am? (And is there really a 12 step program for that?) Anyway – if you are, you might have already been to Serrano’s – on North Academy. In the semi-new shopping “strip” on the east side of Academy, just past Woodmen Road.

But just in case you haven’t been….it has a great variety of coffees. If you want it, they’ll make it, any size or flavor.  For a quick afternoon treat, try the “Milky Way” – Dessert in a Cup! Heaven!Colorado Springs, Local Business, Relocation

Plus Serrano’s has nice displays, stuff to buy (LOVE the variety of cups), comfy seats…AND…it has really friendly people!  And that is a real bonus in my opinion.  It’s a pleasure to just “sit around” and do much of nothing….except enjoy the coffee and if applicable – the company.

If North Academy isn’t your “thing” – there is another Serrano’s up in Monument. It’s a locally owned coffee store – so give it a try.

We had a meeting there a little while ago – and it was great. Outlets to plug in the laptop, plenty of space and delicious coffee! Can’t beat it! (The Coffee Addict shows, doesn’t it….?) Thought I’d share… (With all the chain stores, restaurant and chain service businesses we have in the area, I like to support the “Locals” – because those are the businesses that make Colorado Springs unique.)


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