Moving with kids – to Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs Real Estate, RelocationAre you moving to Colorado Springs?

 If you have ever moved with children, you know that it’s a completely different scenario, than moving on your own. First, you’ll have to work on moving WAY more stuff if you have children – from toys to books, bikes, scooters and Rollerblades, additional computers, I-pods, Videos and clothes. But most of all, you’ll have to “move” the feeling of “home” to another place.

As with any change, that’ll take time – Time to get settled in the new environment; time to become familiar with what’s available in the new town/area and most of all, time to make new friends.

To help your kids get started with feeling at home in the Springs, we’ve searched and found the following websites, offering a variety of things to do for kids of all ages.

Colorado Kids

Activities, Camp Guide, Childcare, Parent Center, Party Guide, Dining Guide, Vacation Guide and Coupons

Colorado Springs Sport Corps 

Sports Events and Activities – to watch and to participate

Colorado Springs Sky Sox  

The local Minor League Baseball Team – offering family events throughout the season

Colorado College Hockey

The Tigers – the Colorado College Ice Hockey Team

Pride Soccer Club 

Soccer for Girls and Boys ages 4-18

Youth Sport Camps

You’ll find a camp or training for just about any type of sport.


Hope these sites were helpful in “Getting to know Colorado Springs” just a little bit. We think it’s a great place to live – and hopefully – given enough time, so will your kids!


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