At home in Colorado Springs – Hiking

Colorado Springs Real Estate, Relocation, Community Info, MilitaryAre you stationed at Ft. Carson, Colorado? The Mountain Post in Colorado Springs? If you are – and you love the outdoors – this is THE place to be.  There is always something to do, explore, hike, view, or participate in.

If Hiking is one of your hobbies, we have the Colorado Gold Camp Trail to offer. It’s approx. 17 miles long (roundtrip) and takes about 7 hours to complete. The Gold Camp Trail is located in the South/West area, off North Cheyenne Canyon Blvd., past Helen Hunt Falls. (Another nice hiking area.) The trail is rated as a moderate hike. Just keep in mind the change of elevation and the quick change of weather in Colorado, as well as the local wildlife – come prepared! Be safe!

In the 1890’s, Gold Camp Road was originally built for a narrow gauge rail road, connecting Colorado Springs to the Cripple Creek Mining District. Eventually the railroad tracks were converted to a regular road. You’ll encounter several narrow tunnels along the road, one of which collapsed in 1988, requiring the road to be rerouted over it. This was the end of automobile traffic for this section. Now, the trail is great to use for hiking and biking and offers some stunning scenery along the way.

The intersection of Gold Camp Road and Old Stage Road is considered the end of the trail and turn around point, due to often active vehicle traffic on Old Stage Road.

If you hike the trail – and that part of Colorado Springs’ History – I hope you’ll enjoy it! Let me know how it went! We love living here and hope that by learning a bit about everything this area has to offer – you will too!


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2 Responses to At home in Colorado Springs – Hiking

  1. Rich says:

    Thanx for info of Colorado Gold Camp Trail .Rgds Richard

  2. Sabine says:

    Rich, You’re welcome. I hope you enjoy the hike.

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