Peterson Air Force Base BX – Grand Opening in Colorado Springs

Peterson Air Force Base BXAmid Speeches, Music  and long lines, the new BX at Peterson Air Force Base (Colorado Springs) has opened. Entrance through the East Gate was quick and easy, finding a parking spot and holding a place in the line, that started wrapping around the parking lot, was not.

Once the facility opened, the rush was on. Everyone wanted to be first – first to drop off the tickets for the raffle, first to see the new BX, first to get some great deal. 

The BX is laid out in a familiar shape – long hallways to the right and left, food court on one end, shopPeterson Air Force Bases on both sides and in the middle of the hallway and the commissary on the other end, with the BX being accessible from the center.  Anything from Clothing, Toys, Yard “Stuff”, Electronics, House wares etc can be had. That first day – plenty of items were on sale. And many took advantage of the sales – if the check out lines and the loaded down carts were any indication.

This new BX should help with shopping on base and being able to find what you’re looking for, while still saving on the local sales tax.

If you’ve missed the opening of the BX – no worries, the Commissary will hold it’s Grand Opening soon. Hope to see you there!


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