Colorado Springs – World Golf Center

World Golf near Peterson Air ForceWorld Golf Center, near Peterson Air Force BaseWorld Golf Colorado Springs near Peterson Air Force BaseAre you looking for something to do in the Springs? For maybe an hour, hour and a half? Try World Golf on Galley Road (just north of the Peterson Air Force Base Entrance). It’s a Golf Course, a driving range and also features – as our main topic – a Miniature Golf Course.

It’s a course that’s been around for a while, which means it actually offers shade trees to stay out of the heat that we’ve been experiencing lately. It also has benches along the course, to relax, to chat and to wait for your turn.

The theme is “The West”. From Farming to Cowboys and the “original citizens of the area” – represented by a tepee. It’s a rustic course, no computer technology and no plastic, and therein lies its charm. It’s a course simply for the fun of it, with plenty of tricky “runs” – from the Mountain to the Outhouse, all with water (the river) meandering in between. A Gazebo “sits” in the middle, seemingly waiting for a wedding, that’ll never happen. (Unless getting married on a miniature golf course, in a gazebo, surrounded by water, is your thing?!)

It’s an ideal activity for the family, couples, and friends or just by yourself. It’s easy to get find, and amazingly cheap. For Adults, the price is only $3.50 per round of “mini-golf”, for kids under 12 it’s $2.50. So come on by, pick a ball, grab a club and have some fun!



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