Your Photo

Just a quick post today…regarding your photo.

You are representing yourself to the world – in various poses, in various stages of being dressed professionally or casually – in some cases very casually…in office, outdoors and private settings. All to convey to the viewer a sense of who you are, maybe of things you enjoy – trying to forge a connection made without actually meeting someone.

Clearly – it’s your decision as to how you want to represent yourself…just please, do me a favor – don’t use pictures which show you hovering in a corner, like a kid in time out. (You know who you are…I won’t even show examples…)

Let me ask you this – is this just a pet peeve of mine? Or do others share the same dislike for the “Time-out” photos?


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Mom, Sister, Friend, Traveller, World Citizen, Realtor, Optimist

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