What's Your Bottom Line?

With all the talk about social networking, online marketing, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, friending, forming groups out there – it seems (at least to the folks online) that using the net is clearly a must in order to be successful in business. I’m sure the people that are not “into” this “phenomenon” might disagree…and the question is – who is right?

If you’re online, connecting and advertising, blogging and recruiting – you might say that traditional marketing and advertising is no longer valid, that online activities are the way to go and time spend networking is well worth it.

But what if you’re doing business “the usual way“? Marketing and Advertising on TV, in newspapers, via flyers and talking to your clients on the phone? You might say that is the way to go and all the Internet “stuff” is just a waste of time. Who is right?

I guess my answer would be twofold:

1. You have to figure out, based on your business model, where your clients are. Are they online (as in Real Estate searching for homes) or are they offline (word of mouth, highly specialized services doing well without additional advertising, etc). Then decide if adding something extra (online activities) would be beneficial. The world of advertising and marketing IS changing – it’s up to the individual to figure out if it would be beneficial for their business to change as well…which doesn’t mean giving up everything that has worked so far – it only means integrating something new into the mix.

2. What is your Bottom Line? Is your goal the connections you made online, the number of hours spend blogging, networking and designing pay per click campaigns or updating your websites SEO….or… is your goal to make sales and write contracts? If you’re in the marketing department of a business – the contacts made, the click throughs counted, etc might be what you’re after. But if you’re the owner – your ultimate goal might be more based on the bottom line (profit) versus online.

What do you think?

PS: Thank you Vernon for the ideas on this one….


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