Facebook Happenings

Have you been on Facebook lately? It’s been very active. People are connecting, talking and forming groups. Some groups are very interesting, others seem to be in their infancy stage – not quite thought out and lacking  a bit of focus; but you can find groups for just about any interests.

Regardless if you’re a fan of groups and/or pages, the overall activity level has definitely increased. Does that mean Facebook is the way to go? Not necessarily. Like with anything – you’ll have to keep your target audience in mind…and go where they are. Now if the “Facebook Gang” appeals to you – by all means – join, connect and most of all – participate. If you’re more formal – how about LinkedIn?

Just keep in mind – regardless of how much activity there is on a social site – you will only get out of it what you put in it. If you send generic invitations and never follow up on conncections made – you will not get to know your ‘friends’ and therefore not be able to connect on a deeper, more meaningful and/or beneficial level. Next time you connect – ask quesitons. Find out your new friends’ interests, goals and how you can help them; then try to be a valuable part of their network.

What say you? Do you agree? Disagree? Will we meet on Facebook? Can’t wait for your replies!



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2 Responses to Facebook Happenings

  1. UltraRob says:

    I haven’t found much interesting on Facebook but I haven’t spent much time on it lately. I’ve been making more connections on Twitter.

  2. Rob,

    I think any of the social sites can be active – again – depending on what we put it. It was just noticable on Facebook. (I’ve been a member for a while…and now it seems it’s buzzing.)

    Glad to hear you like Twitter! 🙂

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