Between Google juice and our desire to rank high – whether it’s our website or blog, keywords are all the rage. And as you’re networking and marketing online, you do want to keep those all important words in mind.

But do they really carry enough weight to be considered THE most important thing to keep in mind? I don’t think so.

I believe, that the keywords we need to keep in mind are things like: People, Appreciation, Gratitude, Caring, Helping, Love (just to name the ones that ‘pop’ in my mind first.). None of those have anything to do with the Keywords we’ve mentioned above.

However, regardless of how high you rank – if you forget about the people who read your information, do business with you and meet you on a daily basis – none of the keywords that make you rank on Google will matter. I believe THE most important thing to remember is, that you’re working/interacting with people, not Algorithms.

What do you think?


About Sabine
Mom, Sister, Friend, Traveller, World Citizen, Realtor, Optimist

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