To Join Or Not To Join – That Is The Question

If you’re on any social network – you’ve received them! The invitations to join groups. Some funny, some interesting, some for a good cause, some for the advancement of your business, networking, marketing, fashion or someones pets. Question is – what do you do? Do you join? Do you decline?

If you join – how active will you be? Are you going to contribute to all groups? Meet all group members? Send a personal email to each of them (keeping in mind there are groups with well over 40000 members!). What do you do?

For the longest time, I would take a look at the group, read what they had to say, and if it sounded interesting, I joined. Then, every so often, I’d check back – to see if anything new was going on, who else had joined, was there a discussion I wanted to comment on, etc. But you know what I found?

I found that most groups were strangely silent. The majority of posts were the same posts in each group, posted by people who either didn’t care that their message didn’t match the group, or didn’t know that there were distinctions. If it’s a matter of didn’t care – I believe a delete button is in order. However, if it’s a matter of not seeing the distinctions – it’s up to the group admin to get involved. Clearly – you have to check your group every so often -make sure the guidelines are still followed, add valuable content, not just business advertisements and encourage members to participate.

So that raised the question, if most groups turned into vast patches of silence, should we join? Despite having cut down on the number of groups I belong to – I would still say YES – join! Why? Because you never know if maybe this is the group you’ve been waiting for. People you click with, topics you find interesting, subjects you comment on and discussions that are stimulating.

Should it turn out that the groups you joined are not like that – you can always leave them.

What do you think? What’s your group strategy?


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2 Responses to To Join Or Not To Join – That Is The Question

  1. gpower2 says:


    You have posed some good points here. As the owner of a couple of groups on both Facebook and MySpace, your comments hit home. My personal group strategy is to join groups that are relevant to my passions. It is easier to participate and to get something out of it. It’s a 2 way street, so I think the group owner must stay active as well and keep you involved.

  2. Sabine says:

    I agree. When there is no involvment – there really is no point in being part of a group.

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