Colorado Springs Military Discounts

Being in the Military while living in Colorado Springs now comes with monetary savings. A fairly new site, Colorado Springs Military Discounts, offers military members and their families to check out a variety of businesses, offering discount coupons.

The discounts offered range from area attractions to dining, furnishing to home repair and moving and storage to toys. If you’re associated with the military, you might want to take advantage of these offerings – which can be as high as 50% off.

The site itself could use a bit of updating, as the navigation is a bit clumsy, but if you have the time to search, you’ll find that many of the categories have businesses already associated with it. Some of the categories in the left hand navigation are still empty, as this is a new site and still growing. If there are specific discounts you’re interested in, keep checking back.

Just keep in mind: Not all business offering discounts are participating in this site. Always ask the business you’re working with if any discounts are offered for military members!

If you do check out Colorado Springs Military Discounts, let me know what your thoughts were? Did you like the site? Did you think it was beneficial? ….


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One Response to Colorado Springs Military Discounts

  1. Hugh Davis says:

    Thanks for the feedback! I actually spent all weekend updating the menu navigation. You’re right–it was a bit clumsy. I hope what I did improved it quite a bit. You might check it and see if the improvements made a difference.

    We also attended the business expo last Thursday in an effort to have more businesses sign up in order to have more discounts to offer the military families. We’re trying to follow up on any suggestions we get.

    Thanks for spreading the word about us. We’re new, but trying to improve as quickly as possible!

    We’re getting feedback from military families that they want us to list more restaurants and businesses that offer family activities. We’ll especially be looking for those this summer. I believe the “North Pole/Santa’s Workshop” is going to list with us, this afternoon we offered them free advertising for the season. Several military families said they wanted us to list some businesses/activities for children.

    Please encourage others to give us feedback and suggestions. We try to reply to everyone!

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