Colorado Springs And Taxes – What's Your Opinion?

After the last post about a potential tax increase, I started reading more about this whole topic, and considering replies from Gazette readers, this is a very divided issue.

People are either for tax increases, saying that we need them in order to fund services, not only to prevent loosing more programs, but to make up for the increase in costs, from gas to personal, technology to human resources for city employees. This segment says that our city government is not really over budget, but that it has been caught short, just like the rest of the population, when gas prices started rising, food and other costs started increasing and loans were no longer as easily obtainable as they used to be. These folks also state that TABOR was shortsighted and should have been corrected years ago. In addition, this group is very much concerned about the standard of living in the area and is willing to pay for it via taxes.

Then we have the opponents, who proclaim that our city government is incapable, due to spending over budget, and that they, like the rest of the population, should learn how to tighten their belt, and that the whole issue about loosing programs (specially in the police department) is a smoke screen for collecting money from unsuspecting citizens. (Argument: Cops on traffic duty, collecting money that goes into the general fund of the city.) This group also states that our city government already holds out their hands for more than their share, specifically “illegal taxes” like the Stormwater Enterprise, and that the entire government would only vote themselves higher paychecks if the taxes were increased.

So now I’m wondering – what is your opinion on this? What side are you on – and WHY?


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2 Responses to Colorado Springs And Taxes – What's Your Opinion?

  1. Ryan says:

    I think TABOR was short-sighted, but do think the city and county tend to spend foolishly. For instance, I heard that $1.4M was spent to convert Tejon Street through downtown from one-way to two-way. This didn’t really solve any vehicular traffic issues, made moving around MORE difficult for pedestrians and cyclists, and simply wasted a bunch of taxpayer money.

    So, I’m not necessarily against a tax increase in per se, but do think they need to look at cutting back some of that frivolous – even foolish -spending first.

  2. Irene says:

    Hi Sabine,
    Thanks for creating stimulating thinking.
    When taxes go up there is less personal money to spend so the economy suffers. The more money in our pocket, the more money goes around, thus more tax money is collected. This has been proven over again and again. Emotions and lack of accurate education get in the way of this being realized. This is one of the reasons why our country is having so much trouble right now.

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