Colorado Springs: Why We Love It!

After telling you all this time that we live in the Springs – I thought I’d stray from the “business posts” – and show you, just why, we love living here. It’s truly “from the Prairies to the Mountains” and it offers something for everyone – from family oriented to quirky and unique.

How can you not love a place like this?

Have YOU been here? If so – what are your experiences?


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Mom, Sister, Friend, Traveller, World Citizen, Realtor, Optimist

2 Responses to Colorado Springs: Why We Love It!

  1. Hi Sabine, we moved here in ’93 from Rochester NY, so I’m particularly fond of the low humidity and plentiful sunshine! I love the proximity to the mountains, the wildlife and the people. I find folks here are friendlier than many places I’ve been (I was in the Air Force and travelled quite a bit) and there’s a good deal of community pride – people are willing to help one another out and try to make improvements rather than just offer complaints.

    I like your blog and will link to it!

  2. Sabine says:


    Thanks so much!

    Every so often we play this game “Where would we want to live – if not here”…and we can’t come up with any other place!

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