Phone Numbers for Ft. Carson

Whether you’re stationed at Ft. Carson, are in the process or live of base; following are a few numbers you might need:

The Wounded Soldier and Family Hotline 800-984-8523 (Helping Soldiers and Families resolve medical issues.)

Veterans Affairs and Disabled American Veterans Offices 524-2346

Legal Assistance 526-5572 (Call for hours and appointments.)

If you live on-post:

Facility repair/service orders 526-5345 (Use this number for Emergencies or routine tasks.)

Refuse/trash Larry Haack 526-9237

Repair and Utility/self-help Gary Grant 526-5844

Base operations contracting officer representative Terry Hagen 526-9262 (wind damage, snow removal, damaged traffic signs, facility damage)


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One Response to Phone Numbers for Ft. Carson

  1. What a handy list for families relocating to Ft. Carson.

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