Octuplets – Insanity Redefined

By now everyone has heard about Nadya Suleman and her 14 children. Now we come to find out that she may have used part of the payments she received for a Disability to pay for the Fertility Treatments that added 8 more children to her family, in addition to the 6 children she already had.

On top of that – she is expecting the help of the cash strapped California Government, as well as the general public, by setting up a website, which accepts donations from you. (Taxpayers may have to cover octuplet mom’s  cost)

In my opinion, this is the “best” example of what is wrong with our society – from the selfish, irresponsible behavior of this “mom”, to the Doctor who helped her get pregnant with 8 children, to the system itself, gearing up to pay even more to this women.

Any responsible parent will not have more children than they can take care of.  And try to get foodstamps or help from the Government if you are finding yourself unemployed! Good Luck. None of this seems to apply in this case. This women (N. Suleman) got what she wanted – more kids (never mind she won’t be able to take appropriate care of them), possible additional payments from the Government – allowing her to increase her studentloans even more…and to top it off – the general public will get to pay for her insane behavior.

Maybe we need to ask the Fertility clinic to help this women pay for her children? After all….they were only too happy to help her get pregnant… But the only one being held responsible will be the taxpayer – not this unemployed “Mother”. (In my opinion – she really is a disgrace to all those mothers who are trying their best to take care of their children.)


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One Response to Octuplets – Insanity Redefined

  1. Denver SEO says:

    This woman is ridiculous. I can’t believe that a single mother with 6 children would go to these extreme lengths to have more children. She’s nuts!
    I agree completely that this is a perfect example of our society’s problems. This was irresponsible in all aspects, and the fact that the taxpayers will have to shoulder some of the burden is the icing on the cake.
    Someday, maybe, people will make educated decisions with what they do, and not expect Big Brother to bail them out, but probably not in my lifetime!
    Great post!

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