Warrior Care

The following is a resource for wounded soldiers and their families and friends. While we all hope that it won’t affect us – or anyone we know, we are aware, that it’s a possibility. That means, we should be prepared, have a plan, know where to turn to.

The following site, http://www.warriorcare.mil/ is helpful, with a variety of information, links and resources for any branch of service; for soldiers, family members, friends, neighbors – anyone who wants to help. Check it out, and pass it on, if you know of someone who could use some help.

According to a quote from their site, they offer  “…specific programs to sources of information. All play a role in ensuring you get the assistance to which you are entitled.

WarriorCare.mil serves as a portal to these various resources. Whether you are currently active-duty military, veteran, a family member or a concerned neighbor, the links on this site will provide answers to your questions or ideas for where to turn next.”

Do you have any sites, information, tips you’d like to share?


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