Social Media and the Military

To use – or not to use?

The Military is trying to decide on what their policies, regarding social media should be.

On one hand – it offers communication between families, while the soldier is deployed – on the other, it could be a distraction.

It allows recruiters to stay in touch with recruits – but it also has a high risk of breaching security issues.

Where do you stand on this issue? Do you think the Military and its members should have Social Media options, like Twitter, Facebook etc? Or should the Military keep tighter control over it – to prevent security breaches, for the safety of the troops?

Check out this article “Defense Department to announce balanced Social Media Policy” – and let me know what you think?


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One Response to Social Media and the Military

  1. I’m flabbergasted they allow deployed military to use these sites — but I’m certainly no expert. I just remember reading of the heavily censored letters of servicemen during World Wars I and II. It seems there would be an even bigger security risk today.

    As for recruits, is there an unseen danger? After all, they’re not even “in” yet. Hard to see the harm.

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