Colorado Springs Military Discounts

Check out the Site “Colorado Springs Military Discounts” – they offer discounts from lodging to dining to shopping and Events. Just be aware – some of the Discounts (specially in the Events Category) have expired.

Also, there are more businesses in town that offer Military Discounts, but they are not all listed on this site. However, it’s a site to get you started, maybe give you some new ideas.

I’ve been here over 15 years – and I still don’t know all the places that offer Discounts.

However, here are a few that are not listed on the above website….

If you know of any other places – please share them with us? Via the comment section? Thanks! 

DSW on North Academy – Shoes for the whole family. 10% off with Military ID. Sign up for the free membership and earn point for additional discounts and coupons.

Chipotle (not in all location – so please ask) – free drinks for Military and Families

Home Depot and Lowes – 10% off with Military ID – MUST show ID right away

Outback Steakhouse – Military Discount. Again  – MUST show ID right away or they will not honor it.

Papa Murphy’s Pizza (not sure if all locations participate – we go to the one on Dublin) – but they offer a discount.

What places do you frequent that offer a Discount to the Military and their families?





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