The Elephant Bar – Colorado Springs Restaurant/North-side

Elephant Bar

See you at the Elephant Bar in Colorado Springs

The Elephant Bar – one of the more unique chain restaurants in Colorado Springs. If you’re in the mood for something “Asian inspired”, with a dash of European and American flavors thrown in – this might be the place for you.

The Menu offers a lot of the “usual” stuff, like openers, salads, entrees, soups and desserts, lunch specials, fins (fish) and sandwiches & burgers. But you’ll also find global cuisine, items on the lighter side and even gluten free meals!

Quite a variety for a “chain”…and the execution makes it special. The flavors are just a little more intense, the combinations a little more “off the beaten path”….and some of the items you can’t help but try out. (Pretty presentations enhance the fun.)

As Openers, Sweet potato fries, served in their own little serving stand, or Ahi Tuna with sauce, or – my favorite – Wok-fried chicken and lettuce wrap. Not only yummy, but you get to play (make your own wraps) with your food while you’re at it. Adding to the entertainment value.

Entrée salads like Pacific Cove Tropical Crab and Shrimp Louie – like it fruity with your fish? This is the one for you! And desserts – either full sized or mini-samplers – delicious.

The atmosphere is casual and relaxed, with plenty of privacy, due to the set up of booth’ at different floor levels, interspersed with tables. The bar is on one end of the restaurant – keeping the noise out of the dining area,  and if you like Pina Colada – you might want to give their Jungle Colada (a refreshing, creamy, raspberry flavored version) a try.

The Elephant Bar

Open later than many restaurants – due to the bar, a favorite hang out for friends, home comings, lunches. Thanks to a fairly open kitchen, you can watch quite a bit of food being prepared, the wait staff is friendly and helpful, and the bar tenders ready to chat. Highest priced items are Ahi Tuna and Salmon, but for about $10-14 you can have a soup/salad and sandwich combo.

Located on the north side of Colorado Springs, the Elephant Bar offers a Passport E-mail club, for exclusive member benefits, like promotions, benefits, specials and frequent buyer rewards.

Have you been at the Elephant Bar before? What did you think? What was your favorite item/food/drink/dessert? Any recommendations?


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