And thank you for checking out this blog! I appreciate it! And I hope that you’ll find it interesting and engaging – and come back often. (Or just subscribe to get all the latest updates!)

My name is Sabine, and I’ve been a resident of Colorado Springs for the last 15 + years – thanks to Uncle Sam. When we first moved here – I was convinced it was an error on the Military’s site….because surely – this was WAY to nice of an area….but it turns out – no mistake was made…and we truly were stationed here. Now we (family and I) consider ourselves adopted natives!

We love living in Colorado Springs and enjoy all it has to offer – to include the “rest” of Colorado.

What’s not to love? The weather is great (how many places do you know where biking in December is fun?), we have no humidity (not really – specially not in comparison to other places like Florida…), we have awesome ski areas, great hiking trails, ongoing events, places like Keystone, museums, history, jobs (some) and most of all – NO BUGS! Ok, a few…knock on wood…but it’s not like an infestation! Mosquitos are small, snakes minimal and no weird palmetto beetles or other creepy crawlies. (As you can tell – I’m not a big fan of those…)

As for Colorado Springs Connected, the idea is to have a “one-stop” blog…to give updates about events, schools, hobbies, neighborhoods, real estate, jobs, meetings, restaurants, military bases, family deals, etc…rather than having to search through a variety of sites.

I’m hoping for lots of involvement from you – the reader, the participant! Comment, share some ideas, tips, news…! That’s what makes this great!

Are you up to the challenge?

Ready, set ….comment, share, inform!


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